General Info

The Rolls Leisure Fitness Centre comprises of 4 fitness rooms each with a different purpose. Firstly you have the weight machine room, here you have equipment like the cable machine, Lat pulldown, Leg Extension, Squat Machine, Shoulder Press, and Pec Deck.

Next up we have the Cardio machine, this accommodates 3 freshly refurbished cross trainers, treadmills, rowers, resistance bikes, stepper machines, and bikes.

Carry on through and there is the weight room, this has the new set of Dumb bells, several types of Barbell as well as the preacher curl bench and Dip station.

Finally we have the stretch room, this is the perfect place to stretch off before or after a good workout.

Whatever your gym objective you can train with us.

Equipment Includes

  • 2 New Rowing Machines
  • Cross Trainers
  • New Dumb bells
  • Bicep Blaster
  • Seated Chest Press Machine
  • Shoulder Press Machine
  • Pec Deck Machine
  • Step Machine
  • Squat Machine
  • Dip/Pullup Station
  • Cable Machine

Opening Times

Opening Times: 06:00 - 23:00 everyday


Rolls Royce (including Employee, Spouse, Junior, Retired): £160

Corporate: £160

Guest: £300

Guest Consession (Senior Citizen* or Junior**): £240

Annual Payable by monthly standing order
Guest: £25 per month (min 12 month contract)

Guest Consession: £20 per month (min 12 month contract)

Special 3 month taster
£65 (Only available as a one off per person)

*Definition of a Senior Citizen is a man or woman aged 65 plus
**Definition of Junior is 16-17 Inclusive
Rolls-Royce Leisure may ask for proof of age if applicable


  • Fee List
  • Guest Pack
  • Guest Concession Pack
  • 3 Month Taster Pack