General Info

The Rolls-Royce Leisure Fitness Centre will amaze you with its excellent comprehensive range of equipment all housed in separate rooms each with a different purpose. We also limit the number of members we have, to ensure that you don’t have to wait around to use equipment. We pride ourselves on being a friendly gym – existing members will give you a warm welcome and are happy to assist if you are unsure about anything.

Weight Machine Room – This room is full of equipment to help strengthen and tone including machines for your legs, back, chest, shoulders and arms. Equipment in this room includes the Cable machine, Lat pulldown, Leg Extension, Squat Machine, Shoulder Press, and Pec Deck.

Cardio Room - Packed with everything you need to exercise your heart. Equipment in this room includes Cross Trainers, Spinning, Recumbent and Upright bikes, Treadmills, Stepper machines and Rowers.

Free Weights Room – To strengthen and tone in the traditional way, equipment in this room includes Smith and Assisted Dip Machines, Olympic Bars and Weights, Dumb Bells, T Bar Row and benches.

Fitness Studio – To stretch and tone the equipment includes Core Balls, Ab & Twist Frames, Light Dumb Bells, Kettle bells, Power Plate, Speed Ball and Punch Bags.

Whatever your gym objective you can train with us.

Why not finish off your work out with a visit to the Sauna which is free to use before showering and changing in the heated changing rooms.

If you want to enhance your natural colour or prolong a holiday tan for a small fee there are Sun showers available for you to use.

Opening Times

Entry to the Fitness Centre is via a swipe card access system which will be issued to you on joining.  Open from 06.00 in the morning to 23.00 in the evening 365 days a year, you have no excuse not to find time for a workout.

FREE Induction

After submitting your application form and fee to join the Fitness Centre, our Instructor Paul Nuttall will give you a call to arrange a mutually convenient time for your induction. In addition to the health and safety protocol Paul will show you around the Fitness Centre demonstrating how to use any equipment you are not familiar with to ensure that you get maximum use out of your membership.


Rolls Royce (including Employee, Spouse, Junior, Retired): £160

Corporate: £160

Guest: £300

Guest Concession (Senior Citizen* or Junior**): £240

Annual Payable by monthly standing order
Guest: £25 per month (min 12-month contract)

Guest Concession: £20 per month (min 12-month contract)

Our fees are for a 12-month membership but if you are a little unsure you could try our   3-month Taster Membership

Special 3-month taster
£65 (Only available as a one off per person)

*Definition of a Senior Citizen is a man or woman aged 65 plus
**Definition of Junior is 16-17 Inclusive
Rolls-Royce Leisure may ask for proof of age if applicable


3 month taster form
Membership form
Standing order form pack